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i missed you even as i kissed you, knowing still the paths youd yet to walk alone

and in the mist that stayed without you
i feel you know that path
that leads back unto day

it goes like this:

i am a small child, fragile and so free
my breath as gold upon the costal shore
where i have danced barefooted
and where i barefooted bleed

and you the wind that tames the day
sends the flowers each their seeds
do tug and pull at my imaginative mind
and with your body beckon me

the crooked path is never found
to be simpler than a dream
and yet you lead me there

your whispers soft upon the bluffs
where in the spray majesty of kings
i in wonder lay you down

with cuffs unfurled and buckles freed
i the wind take from the sea

you eternal and i but man, the question raised is this
whose innocence was lost that day,
and which of us is to blame?

the jovience of this child is not just what it seems
for in the cold of costal shores
i lost my need to bleed

and in your hair and on your breast
met uncertainty and desire

darkness wrapped its arms around me,
and there i wept for what i'd seen,
when i a child could sternly stand
yet the willfull wind could not stay bound.

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