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from the silt

Find me in the shadow of the red shack where
i sink into the silt,
the sun shines brightly on ever growing grass, past
the chimneys and into the roofs.

look for me in the heart of earth, where loving you has left my heart.

in a windy day the crickets leap
over my arms, into the sea

look for me

in the tallest tree,
brambles of you and
thatched twigs of me.

i've looked for you here, missing the soil on which i stand and
i've looked for you from bark and seed where
soft impressions of you sometimes sit,
seeding the rust and ruby dust
passing the days away.

find me in the willow reed.
i've grown up by the swampy pond
where in each early afternoon
the sunlight strikes from behind the
fallen birch tree,
but not for wanting.

find me in the creeping thyme
upon the valley so strewn with needle
pine for you.

i've never known you out of doors, and yet i've looked for you there;
find me.

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