asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

lying in seabeds as soft as the sun

five days in the sunshine
little eyes awake at dawn
ribbons of softspokeness
sleepy daytime dreams

lying in seabeds as soft as the sun
six carousels prancing back home
friendships the same in a decade or two
soft auburn hair the shade of the moon

silence broken by a door creaking closed
the one day remembered on each year to come
seven raindrops that drop in the spring
a memory

remnants of dreams that repeat every night
salt in the air out at sea
the feather that's dropped in the startled take-off
eight different forms of release

one hand to touch every part of the earth
towering mountains that drop down beneath
strolls over brooks
trips to the beach

falling asleep
two of us all thats left in the world
eyes that tell secrets
secrets tell hearts

the plane flight that travels backwards through time
foreheads on windowsills looking out
three hours left
whats left

children that dance through the streets of this town
gods perfect comfort that wants to be found
life that wraps its arms around you
for love
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