asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

life is everything i ever dreamed... ...and in the dreaming i am found

i would wander like a cat, though ive been there,
and, yes, ive done that.

spent an odd season or two trying to be who i am,
and i gave it up for you

thinking this: 
as april dull-fades into march,
my hearts on fire in the strangest ways

the way i love you 
and you dont exist

the way ive missed you longer than
ive been.

mother died on a black resin hill
never thought id find you in a bramble,
sent me home for the summer,
black onyx pills.

with me on the banjo and you your violin
i played hell for a copper dime
three different grasses blown into the wind
caught every note in nature's time

sunday morning settled me
day-breaking found you hiding on the floor,
with sleepy eyes and both your shoes

when every night is made to travel, 
the longest road is not so far
when april dull-fades into may
mother brings it back to me

with just a tin cup and a leather book
a few strings were all it took

i thought i brought you with me,
touching down alone.

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