asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

i love you
i love you
im leaving
you gave me everything i wanted
so why are you leaving
i need to find things for myself

dont be sad, id have never gotten here if it wasnt for you


If only you coud have trusted yourself enough to trust me. I could have shown you that everything we went through was you finding yourself for yourself, just as it was for me. I am who I am and that I why I had strength to anchor you, but it was never a teather--you saved me just as much as I saved you.
It sounds so brave when you hold my cheek and say don't be sad, but it isn't. I have no response not because I'm the one of us at a loss, but because there's nothing to say to such confusion as you hide back behind your eyes, where even I can barely see it.
The search for self-awareness is a part of you, sure, but just as you are a part of something greater, and who you are doesn't need to get lost behind who you seem to be--I can sort out the difference, and you can as well. Trust me with a part of yourself, and then trust that part of yourself.

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