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(I heard it said that
Sailboats wish that they were stars
But, what about the stars...)

in the pounding of the night
as we raised our hands together, all of us
wishing out
that we could all be so much better, to the wind
crying out to be much more.

that had always been my dream
i dreamed it as a newborn, every day since then
trying to shed
my weak skin for a new form, one that shines
brightly through the night.

but then you held me
sailed me softly over water, where for once i feel
maybe this is what i'm made for
the whispers of a father, waterbound
is just the place you want me.

bright lights up in the sky, disappearing in the daybreak
just let me sail
beneath the sky's cry, where
stars wish that they were sailboats.

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