asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

woohoo! up at 5 am..

to study for a test post on livejornal study for a test!

this week has been sooo busy.. one of those 'need more hours in a day' kinda things.
with almost no forewarning, i went down to nashville late tuesday night to pick up my sister, and after my test today ill be taking her up to indy! ..assuming i dont suddenly run out of energy first and fall asleep forever!

also, i got emilys number and texted her..but no reply! but i introduced Katie Vincent to Skylee! so that. ve got about a half hour free later today before going to indy, maybe can see audrey???

                                         life becomes a quiet thing
                after all this time
                                where everything you mean to me
    is not what you expected
                         and out in public under lazy stares
                                       of those who just dont know
             we touch our palms and our fingers dance
                                 where time moves ever slow.
           from your frame i find my light
                             teathered in the dark
                    where when shutters close and eyes expire
                                         i hold you ever close.



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