asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


Thursday night grabbed danny and went to Indy, grabbed Sefie and Skylee and friday morning came back down to Louisville, dropping Danny off and heading to the Higgs' house where I watched some old school Pokémon with Lilly and Treni. Back to Treni and Matt's where Carol joined us and Sefie, Skylee, Treni, Carol, and I proceded down to Nashville where we handed Sefie and Skylee over to Caleb. We came back, stayed the night at Treni and Matt's and I got to hang out with the two of them all of Saturday until Post. After Post Audrey invited me to join her at Starbucks. There, Audrey, Katie, Krisitin, and I played cards and had a (really) good time. After that I breifly saw Wes and then went back to Scott's place where I joined in Scott and Chad's Star Wars marathon. Still going on this morning, and I've got Sojourn to look forward to tonight!
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