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Life's really been trying to get me down this week. My dorm gave me trouble and now I don't have a consistant place to stay for two weeks. My credit card's been acting up so I don't necessairly have money at the moment. My phone disappeared and it's proving a real hassle to replace.

I felt a bit like a hypocrite yesterday when I really let myself get down because of it. Even now, it feels like I should be depressed, stressed, and anxious. I found myself trying to convince myself that 'this happened for a reason' and 'just gotta get through these next two weeks and things'll be okay'.

But you know what? thats wrong. things ARE okay. If not having a phone (aka not having contact with everyone) is stressing me out this much, then its a darn good thing my phone got lost, so I can deal with this stress. Because i am not entitled to it. I am entitled to accept these 'setbacks' with cool composition. This is life. This is who I am.

On another note: sun and rain cancelled my hiking plans with Katie today.. :( ..maybe i can see her some other time.

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