asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

i laid you down where love has died
and there we slipped off our shallow pride
you're under your moon and i'm under mine
but nobody, nobody can free us.
as you sing deep into my hair
i press your buttons, girl, i take you there
while somewhere down beneath it all
you ask if im sorry, well i'm not at all.
from every word and fingertip
our mouth to mouth lets secrets slip
out of our bodies and out of our bones
i am sure i love you.
you look tired and i look old
the frailest limbs stemming off this cold
you soft exhale on the soft-lit ground
and i breathe you in.
we're soaking wet and we smell like rain
holding hands, holding hearts, to spite the pain
there's a truth in your eyes and a smile in mine
that free us.

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