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the lattice of words

the lattice of words

it was only yesterday when you spun me around upon your thoughts
as we slowly stumbled, we tumbled, you and i splayed out together
only in my mind, it was only in my mind you loved me
where the two of us lay laughting in a heap at the feet of leaves.
i grew you from the potting plant with a gardners hands
the fairest sun and the deep-drinking rain in which you drenched
as time permitted, the you and i, danced one waltz in the lattice of words
late in springtime before the summer sun.
when you drempt your arms were fire i was a fire too
the way one flame can quell another our arms were freed as they intermingled
down to grandpas studio ranch we wrought
a weekend that you needed sleep and i found it for you there.
from leafy branches i found fruit for you
while friendship grafted your heart to mine
each raindrop makes its home on a different side of the wall
we were so well pruned, we were two, we were still two; it didnt take.
not even a month passed before i lost you beneath the lattice of words
the brightest light, you spun and twirled in the tessellation pattern
leave the apature open and you design the greatest memories
polariods that i develop in the crags, the lonely sea-side crags.
when you needed saving i sailed fast upon your shore
the great beauty of you
though only in my mind, it was only in my mind you loved me
and untimely you pled that you were not ready to be saved.
on your shores i found iridescent shells
lost coves of rainbow life
the sand that sifts the the finest grain
your laugh the softest sound in all the world.
on your shores i kissed the shoreline breeze
of bounty sweet with velvet waves
the empirical essence of the immaculate tide
your voice surrounds me.
it was only last week that i stumbled upon you in the urban square
where we met up as old friends do, late night catchup filled with smiles
and in the afternoon we tread accross the streets which slowly led
us down your memories.
i chased you back where you were born and there we lay taking it all in
hours passed before you spoke, small and subdued amidst the lattice of words
i kissed every letter and pressed your palm in mine
only in my mind.
words were wet where they had fallen in the soft dawn-light
the sleep-touched eyes blinking down on them
four arms of a warm flame strewn about
where you rested safe in me.
but as the sunny patch shadows with the hours of late afternoon
seasons extricate you from me
a fine differentiation of interests,
partial daylight, partial shade, the death perscription for the lattice of words.

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