asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Girls: Audrey, Kristin, Katie

Im no sure what it was, but the other day--around the time i was hanging out with audrey at quills showing her roadtrip pictues--something clicked that hadnt before. for some reason, after that its felt like we are really close friends. since then its been amazing, ive felt so connected to her (in a friends-only way). shes been so happy, and there fore so have i, its just spilling over. its..really something.

got to meet audreys family, and spend more time with kristin, both of which have also been grea. her family was just wonderful. so full of energy and innocence and fun. to be honest, they reminded me a bit of sarah martin's family...which is a precious memory of mine, despite what else. and kristin had continued to intrigue me. shes really cute too... theres something very fetching about the way she keeps to herself, and just kind of moves at her own pace. plus im getting the feeling shes pretty smart too. im curious how she relates to God as well. even though she doesnt say much, most of her facebook updates or music choices are religious in nature and, quite frankly, i wonder if she doesn't have a lot to say. id really like to get to talk to her more.

finally, ive had fun playing along with katie in her attempts to sort of police ryan&audrey. its been a nice step to being good friends with her too, even though theres still a lot i dont know about her. shes a little harder to read than i first exected, but im not suprised by this, since shes been through the most, and still seems to have the most goals and dreams intact. these three are so great! what a blessing these two months have been.

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