asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

2/3 b

Ive been hanging out with katie lately. At the risk of all my entries sounding redundant, it's been really awesome!

its funny how, after so many years of getting caught up in the past and friendships/relationships lost, and only finally starting to let go of that earlier this spring..turning it over to God and trying to see that, maybe, He showed me all of that so that so that I would have a better understanding of how He wants to relate to me, and that I'm alright by myself--just as I was accepting that, He sends me three new, wonderful, amazing, complex, intricate, sincere friends whom i hope to keep forever. =)

run on sentance ftw.

so, i finally made it out to holiday world yesterday, just scott and katie and i. id been trying ALL summer to get a group to go, but the right people were never free at the right time for the right dynamics. this was good though. im starting to get a picture of who katie is. she and i are also alot alike. shes got a /really/ good understanding of people, and she can articulate it better than i can. she has a lot of messy experiences shaping her, but shes done a good job rising above it all--or perhaps standing up under it is the more accurate phrase. still, shes tired. she isnt really able to see herself as clearly as she sees others--and when things go awry, i think she may have a habit of internalizing.

i really hope i can relate with her in a simple manner, and maybe we can help calm each other down.

kristin's...still hard to connect with. shes not aloof, but she is elusive. not in a hard-to-get way, but in a blasé way. not extravagant at all. she knows what she likes, is steadily developing her idea of who she is--and shes taking both these journeys at her own desirable pace (still, i stand by what i said on facebook about her having the potential for spontaneousness). it makes are a ton of fun to talk to, but really difficult to talk to extensively. and thats not something i mind necessairly, im all about mutually understood silences, when there really isnt anything that needs saying..its just hard to form that mutual understanding without much dialogue to base it upon.
i should make some plans with her to facilitate that, becasue as i said elsewhere on lj, it seems like she still has a lot to experience, and id like to be a part of that, whatever form that takes.

and last but certainly not least, lets talk about audrey for a bit :) ..actually, i felt kind of bad. this was my 'get to know katie' weekend, but by coincidence, audrey and katie had some sort of falling out this weekend too. i really should have made time to talk to audrey and see how she was doing. :\ but its ok, i think ill see her tuesday-ill ask then.
on a different note, i had been talking to katie about who's the most like Katniss, and we said maybe kristin, because underneath it all she definately has the resolve, skill, and levelheadedness for it...but i actually think audrey fits the part better. theres a line in book three "I still have no idea. The effect you can have." [on people]. and more than any of katniss's technical skills in the arena, i think this line best sums up the idea of the mockingjay and is also applicable to audrey. and not just her-ive known other people like this--where theres just something beautiful about them that makes it so easy to get caught-up in their pace of life. its hard to pin down, and i dont really know that much about audreys backstory, though ive gotten glimpses, especially from hearing kevin talk about her, and katie too.

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