asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

im dead tired, but i dont plan on sleeping just yet.
(i only got 2.5 hours sleep last night tho.)

ok, so ive been kinda busy, there was england then a few days home than indiana and now ive been home a few days.
yesterday was spent with sarrah and ryan, today with wes.

ive got a big issue im about to delve into resolving, a few people who read this will know what im talking about, for the rest, dont worry about it, tis not something you need to be concerned about. (tho general prayer for the time being would be apperciated)
i dont want anyone getting the wrong idea, tho. because i trust you ppl (you kno who) so much.
tho in tribute to this issue i may abandon this livejournal. however, if i do, ill have a new one up soon. and its about time i moved elsewhere anyway.
new goals, new hopes, etc. while maintaining the same set of mind.

im still not really sure what im doing with certain aspects in my life.
or i know what im doing but not why

my passion is still people and my goal is still making them happy.

sometimes i fail.
sometimes i succede.
sometimes i still fear that i get so wrapped up in it all that i only end up making things worse, but at the same time i dont view them as worse, but all the better for it.

hopefully more and more people will come to realize the transience of life, and use that as part of the lense the use to weigh the significance of events.

stay positive people, for there isnt really any reason not to be. (or something like that...)

so. sarah m might be getting back thursday. thats still a long way away, but im liking her posts more and more every day. im not sure what all shes doing dwn there, but it sounds like its really good for her.

in other news, wesley claims that tomorrow (10th) is his grandmothers birthday, tho he admits that he is denied knowledge of her age.

well, now i am officially to tired to keep typing, so i end.

oo. and im gonna try for the vine.


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