asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Shouting at our Fathers

Some days we come so far
Crossing state lines
Past the places where we were
Raised shouting at our fathers.

And in weakness we find strength
Solace creeps in with the morning
Leaving the night
Open to regret.

This is the daily victory
Where once we win
Nothing's over
And we do it all again.

Some days we only go so far
Lay our heads on pillows
We'd swore to never revisit
Rebellious till the end.

But Hark! the call still sounds
To lay all of it down
Torn between redemption
And shouting at our fathers.

Catching still our breath
As we try to reconcile
The mess that's on the inside
With the mess that's all around us.

Between childhood and now
Not so much has changed
We're still running from our fathers
The days just drag on longer.

Yet there comes a day
Never far away
Set in perfect grace
Resting with our father.

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