asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Small updates

Been sick all week and I've got a calculus test tonight! Let's see how that goes.
Also, got my apartment tuesday! W00t.

this weekend was my 2nd weekend going to hunsinger. there was a picnic/mini-festival afterwards which was alot of fun.
got to drive katie around some, too. & find kevins house
mellow hanging out at quills after sojourn--which was an amazing service btw. it was their babtism service.
oh yeah, i got to meet katie's younger sister too. it went like this:
katie: this is nick.
me: hey.
sister: have you / are you dating my sister?
me: no.
sister: is it your intention to date her?
katie: okaay, thats enough questions. *drags me off*

i tried balancing mockingjay on kristins shoe, but that didnt go so well.
been watching kimi no todoke with carol, and showed her some of toradora!.

i found some personal time in my being sick. watched through all of both seasons of ghost in the shell stand alone complex for the first time. wonderful. meaningful. emotional. its been along time since i had a chance to really mellow with the reason anime is my hobby.

ever since katie and i talked some and shared music tastes on our holiday world trip, ive felt this affinity towards her that hasnt really gone away.
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