asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

You are beautiful, and you have worth--worth unending.

I know your ilk and I know your heart, still selfish and immature.
Much like a child who responsibility denies you smile but then you turn.
And on the days you love your friends, still your own agendas second-guess
And selfless give your selfless time, for reasons you still twist.
But you were called
and you were claimed,
and you were loved
a Love since slain.

Here at the feet of restless indecision
where mercy meets with lust
we lay our bodies down
to yeild the fight that we're not winning
to let Him fight for us.
In all the days that we've been given
still our Saviour meets with us.

For we were called out from our folly
And there He claimed our price in blood
And we were loved without condition
Our Lover slain to merit us.

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