asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

hasten away

the quick step up
of me to you
where tip to tip are
our touching shoes

yet we hasten away,
we hasten our heart's undone.

you skip and
i hop extended legs
over logs just to
land on the ground
with a crunch.
this autumns a ginger display
of the delicate way
that the wind bites your back
and rides up through your hair.
you shiver and set
you jaw im content
to keep you warm a
jacket for two
and a hug.

theres a fine line between pressing and holding and
i've got you now where the dead leaves are turning, our
arms pressed so close against each other's shoulders where
there're whisps of you hair that just wont stop blowing, now
my hand on the nape of your neck steadys them softly.
you've got your forehead on mine
in the midst of october.
our breath roughly cold and uneven
in visible clouds
we mix ours together.
i've got my eyes locked on yours
in quivering wonder.
the heat on our lips seaping out
in autumn, this fall,
we share it together.

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