asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Love and Relationships

Love, the love to which we were called by God, to love the world, is once sided.
Relationships we experience here, with one another, founded in love, are two-sided.
They revolve around understanding that I, made useless by sin, still have value in the eyes of others. Indeed, to love is selfless, and to relationship selfish. The same is said of our relationship with God, as if some great example. Who are we that God would seat with us? And yet in grace we come, trusting His promise of our worth. To a lesser extent, then, and in this pattern, we come to others--unsure of why they want us, but trusting in the back and forth. For it may be selfish to ask that others deal with our sinful selves, but how much more selfish to deny that grace?

This, then, is how we are to be in community, in constant mimicry of the love and mercy our God shows us. I come humbly to you in ill profusion, and you come to me the same, and in the selfless mutual acceptance we find love and touch our God.

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