asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


this is the falling out, the swifter winds disclaiming me, where ive be laid forgotten, in stern elements bared.

if you have discovered me in the autumn breeze, know that you've discovered me.
if you have found me lying bare, know that you've found me.

the subtle truth to truth is this,
that you might believe what you see,
knowledge pressed tight upon you,
nestled with you, unfurled slow.

all i've seen leads me to believe
that all i've seen isn't all there is to see.
life gives you pause to master it,
and you in gracious swiftness master it.

for all you're free you've to me deigned
a lead to handle,
knotted round your neck and round your wrists.

i will not promice you my love,
it's in the giving free,
where autumn finds you lost,
your tether, me.

i would scale softly walls at night
daybreak the scorch of mercy lit,
the falling out of sunlight.

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