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update: The Week In Review

Early last week, Scott and I explored some new Peddler's Malls here in Indiana and completed much of my Christmas shopping. Additionally, my birthday presaent plan for Katie is starting to come together.
Last Wednesday at around 9:00pm I asked Carol if she was free the following day, and when she said she was, I took her that night to Indianapolis and the following morning to Chicago, where we had a grand time, making it back to Louisville around 2:00am the wee hours of Saturday morning. We went to an Aquarium, Museum, Planetarium, Observatory, and stayed and dined at a rather classy hotel. We also shopped at a couple places, including the Disney store and the Hershey's store--which had its own Hershey's cafe. Yum! Just driving through downtown Chicago in the snow was also fun.
Saturday I met up with Carol to buy Christmas decorations and lunch, then stopped by and hung with Katie for a few at SBUX. Around midnight that night I went over to Rachel Bell's place with Rachel and Scott, where I met a friend of her's from out of town--Anna Helt--who was a lot of fun (and also super attractive). Anyway were were there pretty late. Rachel read aloud to us from the Velveteen Rabbit and also the Little Prince, which was awesome.
Sunday morning I made it up in time for church at HLBC, even though Audrey wasn't there. Both Hunsinger and Sojourn have been doing some really neat things lately. I should post about them later. After that I met up with Katie (just the two of us!) and we went to Cherokee park and took an hour walk through the snow! We hung for a bit at Quills, too. Then I went to meet up with Audrey at her parent's new place--which was cool and ecclectic and big. We played cards and then I took Audrey and her brother to Hunsinger to see her other siblings in a Christmas pagent. Amy sang a solo, which was neat. (I'm rather fond of Amy). We braved the streets and made it to Sojourn a tad late. Somewhat sad that the roads were so icy, since it really kept us from doing anything that night, and that's the only time of the week I get to hang out with Kristin, but at least I got to see her at Sojourn. Katie was busy afterwards, too. I said hi to Rachel, but then me and Audrey went to eat and hang at Audrey's place for a bit--which was good, since we needed to catch up--before calling it a night.
Yesterday I was supposed to go back to Indy to take my mom to the airport since shes leaving for Chicago for a time, but I just stayed here becase of the icy roads.
And now it's today!

In less active news, here's the state of my free time activities:
WoW: Cata is out and Cloak is 82; going well. Seef and Caleb and Dan and Scott and Carol have all been on the last couple days, so its felt super productive. Guild leveling is in place, fun fun. Just last night we ran Throne of the Tides for the first time as a guild. Went well :). Cloak 82, Rinem 80, Reed 80, Bishop 51, Ysandre 51, Phedre 51.
Though I'm partially considering taking up Guild Wars again, since Heather Baker plays, and I've been trying to start a friendship with here for as long as I can remember. ^_^
Anime has been a slower hobby of late. Meadows and I have been working through Amagami, which has it's highs and lows, and I'm also rewatching DA Capo with him (win!). I've been keeping up with Bleach, though it moves at a snail's pace. I finally started Index/Railgun with Carol, and that looks pretty sweet. After having gotten through Ghost in the Shell (at long last) a bit ago, I've been trying to find something similar, but Ookami Kakushi, Soul Link, and Blue Gender were bad starts that I gave up. In the end my thirst for something really good led me to just rewatch Escaflowne, which I'm almost done with. Not too long ago Carol showed me all of Kimi wo Todoke, which was really lovable, much in the same way as Kare Kano is. Scott and I are planning on picking up Star Driver, if we can get around to it.
As for IRL shows, Walking Dead is going well, though it leaves something to be desired, and Stargate Universe is going great, though, at times, it also leaves something to be desired.

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