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so yeah, despite my best intentions in december to post more, lifes been busy and so ive posted less again. i dont really mind it when there are really slow periods in life and i dont post, but its kinda sad when life gets too busy to post, since i use LJ to look back on all the stuff ive done. id like to think the few ppl who follow me on here wonder what ive been up to as well ^-^

heres the short-version run down:

had our christmas party here at the apartment, and although it wasnt everything i had hoped (aka it didnt bring old friends back together) it still managed to be a super fun time for current friends. atendees were myself, meadows, wes, scott, dan, ryan, audrey, carol, david, and jesse. katie was going to come, but couldnt make it due to some stuff with eli (her brother) coming up.

i spent christmas eve and christmas day with scott and his family eating tasty food and being a part of goings on. we got to hang with his etended family from out of town, and also with brent and ashley and their family (and try out the xbox kinect (x2), which was awesome).

the next day audrey katie kristin ryan and i (no scott) had our christmas party at katie and audreys place. that was alot of fun too. :)

and the next day katie and I embarked upon our epic quest to Wisconsin. I got to meet half of her extended family and spend a lot of time with here and her siblings. We were there about a week. it was one of the best weeks ever. also, i sucessfully delivered my 24 part birthday gift to katie along the way. we spent a lot of time together and things were going well. (this is the short version, so i wont go into how awesome she is just here)

we got back on new years eve, in time to make it to a dance party she had wanted to go to. (after her and i take a walk in hte park together :) ) i saw curtis hall and billy meyer at the party. katie had a really good time, but i dissappointed myself and sorta freaked out and ultimately left like i tend to do around dancing. ive grown in alot of ways in the last few years, but there are some things that i just dont cope well with.

then the second rolls around. Katie's birthday. a bunch of us go out to Grapeleaf for dinner--kristin, audrey, ryan, katie and i, scott, aliya, jenn (katies sister) and some coworkers and other ppl katie knows. later that night, Katie and I talk and decide to start going out. :) :) :)

The last 13 days have basically been spent hanging out with Katie every possible oppertunity.

Also, two days before Christmas my laptop finally died, and i went without for awhile. last weekend i boutght a new super-shiny Gateway touchscreen desktop. It's super shiny. by the way.

School also started up a week ago, but thats a different story for a different post.

It looks like my last big post was the day after my mom left for san francisco, when i had been supposed to go up to indy to take her to the airport. funny enough, shes getting back from that trip today, so in a few hours i'll be headed up to indy to pick her up--and im bring Katie with me.

It's been a really great year so far. Katie's incredible--so much more so than I realized or expected.

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