asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Another snow day this week: will we ever have class??

Treni/Matt are moving next week. If I gather correctly, it will be someplace near Erin/Allæn... so maybe I'll see them? It's been years, which is sad.

Hung around yesterday playing Fate, then wandered off and went grocery shopping with Katie :) yay! met up with Carol Treni Matt and Scott at bdubs, then met back up with katie for a bit at Jenns where they were watching biggest loser, apparently.

todays been slow. my computer was freaking out last to bed late and frustrated, prayed about it, and it seems to be ok this morning :)

..though now our heat doesnt seem to be working, so hmmm....

anyway, just killing time till Katie's free later =)

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