asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

mostly, the time i spend on my computer has been spent doing other things, which is good and bad. ive been busy, but i havent really had much time to reflect.

ive had the most amazing time spending most of my time hanging out with katie, sometimes for days on end. its great :) this has been the majority of my time, but im not really going to go into it here.
the rest has been either hanging out with carol or scott. my car sorta broke down for a week there (something about the alignment on the tire??) but that's fixed. kristin hit a guy but that also seems to be resolving alright. after weeks of not seeing audrey and wondering if we were ok, we've been hanging out again which is relieving and nice. sojourns been increasingly awesome, and i took katie over to post once which was quite nice as well.

been playing: anti-idle, tyrant, elements
been reading: love is eternal, emma, crestomanci chronicles
been watching: letter bee, umineko, fractale, madoka magica, dog days
seen a bunch of movies lately too: adjustment beaureu (great!), hanna (really good), soul surfer (great!), your heiness (not so great), i am number nine (terrible), battle la (terrible). also i finally got to see black swan, which was beautiful!

apparently my parents are moving to wisconsin instead of san francisco.

hm...i think that's all there is to re-cap.

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