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prescience of love

when you spin it
and you want it, is it
something that you need?
we tell ourselves the things we need but it's still hard
to believe.

bubbling reaction
till the sweet vines let us go.
superficial action
all our drugs won't let us know.

it was on the light shore, with the white waves
that lap us up around our feet
we found a moment of still clarity
that has since been slipping from our dreams.
(that we still pursue)

isn't the car that takes us home.

you've shouted out and loud and clear,
but you've only let yourself hear.
you've fought your battles in your head,
and you've only let yourself lose.
is just another test you make
dipping more than just a foot
into the waves,
splashing well above your own height
in a pool here in the daylight
and yet no one looks your way.

is the action you were promised
the consequences that hold harder
and the light that says okay?
the light saying you're okay.

or the voice that draws you in?
saying life can all depend,
and the knowing's in the doing-
forming who you could be
out of who you've been.

we have our highs and lows
will each high be higher,
and each low be lower?
we seek to be content;
and we let all of it in.

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