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and you, standing there so still,
so quiet.
you turned me over in my mind.

the journey of discovery,
of several years well spent, searching,
the several years i spent.

slowly as the storm forms,
and the continents decay i pieced
together myself.
that the world is my reality,
parts genetics and part
i'd told myself a thousand things
and sailed a thousand thoughts,
crossing words with friends and foes and crossing facts
with other facts, making maps
where i thought there should be maps,
where i thought that maps should be.
and i tried a hundred things
and i put them to the test,
with a dozen different feeling
multiplied a dozen times,
and each year spent i seemed
a little wiser than the rest.

i fear the feeling flew,
i lost all that i knew.
i fear the feeling flew,
and you..

you standing there so still,
so quiet.

you looked out into the grey cloud sky that one day,
when i lost my cap and stayed there late,
when rain stayed its open hand, and didn't open up,
but the winds blew about your hair, and out they blew my cap, till i looked up.

you seemed sad and beautiful and i fear the feeling flew.

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