asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


you were never afraid; never afraid;
looking boldly into the face of day
and you would,
you'd never say it but I knew you would,
imagine dreams that kept you up at night,
held you in some still moonlight that you had found.
imagine who you were, the way you laid.

it was always with anticipation that I'd find you
always surprise you
when you'd have that look of expectant reverie.
life always did remember to take its cues from you.

you were ever afraid; always afraid;
it was the quiet light that'd take you,
and in the making it would make you
and you would never be the same
but a prisoner to your dreams and explorations.

when all around the glory goes
you lift it high in golden glows
you drink it down,
only out of time again
brushing through these lines again
for something new.
and now you let it take you
and softly let him have you
and new words are born.
your lips still cant speak them
but you know your eyes have seen them
through the brimming tears.
time seems to take beauty and continue on
and though youre never done
with one thing there are more things and you just cant think
let your shoulders slump and yet your luck slump and
where have you been?
youre going out at night again
going out of town again
hard to leave your thoughts at home but
homes not what it used to be
(nothing that it ever was).

I wake up by the windowsill
always had a knack for sleeping on my side and falling off.
the glass is cold and warped and old -
but isn't different.
Ive been here before.
And some days I am someplace new
trudging through the snow
and waiting for it to rain for more than just five minutes.

you often take your jacket off
let it lie there on
my bedroom table.

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