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in this timeline, i've got answers..
but i pull the door closed again.
creaking on the floors; the creaking in my heart,
the heavy heavy load, weighing us down and breaking us through
today's make for setting down and walking round; light.

putting down the pride, every last time.
open my mouth and then i choke,
as long as i'm awake
(i'm a fool).

i told the girls, told all of the boys
not a word, not a word,
pushing past the linguists and out into the new:

don't care what you say, just mean what you mean
i try to mean what i mean, stumbling words all over the place
scattered dreams coming out of my face
shadows and glares and high high beams;
roads so slick and who as ever balanced well,

spinning and spiraling on a high ten.
hanging on - always told me
hang on
be brave
always told me
stay strong
never stop
being okay with falling from the top,
being put down and learning well.

what a role
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