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Eleven years

Eleven years

And even when it hurts its free,
the memories all but escaping me

you laughed and dreamed and it never seemed like life
would all but swallow you.

the sea it sends
the searafts home and on driftwood i am all alone
the sole survivor of
the day to day,

imagining another time and another way
for you to see

I made a house down by the shore and lived there for a thousand days
watching the tides.
For every wave that came and went I know I died just a little bit,
the sweet sea breeze carries your name in every scent,
the open air your breezeway faire - and I know I saw you dance upon the sea.

but every tilt laps a little more,
and tide by tide there is no more shore,
the ground around you soft and away.

but you sang to me, my entire world
your softest lilt the frothy swirl,
and every note and every word each broke my earth and kissed me home, the making and unmaking that only I heard.

but time turns pearls into sand
and all the glamour that we had
and all of you that was so grand

sifts softly from my hand

sifts softly from me.

i dreampt of all you used to be
i dreampt of all you could have been
and in this way you're real to me - debase the way life leaves us linearly
and let me dance with you, here, now,
before the tide recedes..

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