asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

"the homesickness you have when you are still at home"

There is space, in the middle of a space,
with time unending.

And I can't put my finger on it
because I heard you the first time; what did you say?

The little eyes so engaged are the little eyes that end averted.

Find me here and tell me that this is everything I've built.
Assure me that I've made it back at the end of the longest day.

Let me feel it all for a moment and let me

slip through it; I never change.

The summer comes in, orange and red, burning softly through my head. My thoughts a fire on a fire's bed and
here they let me down, fading.
I was a child and I had children too. That love breaks down every rule and, at the bottom of it all leaves me -
wild and spinning and still.

The first hello, the last goodbye, somewhere between you can stay inside; can you stay inside?
Shut the shutters and keep the key and keep the good times secretly but at the bottom of it,
all of it leaves me.

Eyes open and explore the room. Out the window, to the moon.
Breakfast on the go and never stopping.
The summer sun is hot ahead, race it to the trees and
never look back.
A snack a break, some lemonade - cool reclining in the shade
looking back over the melting ice inside the bowl.
Up and onward through the creek, dancing upwards to the peaks, a day a week a month it seems,
sprawled on green grass letting it all in.
And then again.

The only time we reign it is is when we want to try to reign it in,
keeping and reclaiming what we can't.

I loved but even eventually
my loves each loved other loves
and full I just wanted to go home.

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