asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

You were a sending flower fast and deep.
Your petals moors your ankles steep and i

I sailed away and i drowned in you. I went down to the root of the vine and i smothered in you.

You were the flaming jet of no regret. You were beautiful and bold and you were laid to rest. And i

I held on to you and i held on for you. I didnt flinch and you still stole my show.

You were december when i loved the snow. You were the way that beauty danced and they laid you low and i

I laid there with you in the cold. i loved every minute and the world was gold. And the things that tried to hurt you didnt matter there and all your crazy thoughts were ok and there was a space for you was a room for you and i made it real i took in everything about you and still let you feel and you

You didnt think to ask me if i could handle you. I was ready for so long but

And you left and you never came.

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