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Everytime someone died.

color and breath,
the fast unfurl of carbon away from death

plants that rise and grow,
strange citybomb beneath cirrus-willow.

a touch, a tooth, a pull, a jagged breaking of the skin
inevitable waking of the entropy that pulls without within.
and we are larger,
we whorl larger than the dark designs,
placing hope in all our lies that kill
the pessimist. become the optimist

taproots stretching down again
a Holy vow unearthed again. soil that is blown to bits
we want the paths what we get is this

a single choice - individuality, fractled out over generations of changes
based on one expression.

beneath the bark of the machine
the grapple groans the sightless lead
you sit here in your inner head
the wuther drowning out the rain
the struggle pointless, and in vein

the singsong small-call pulse
of something bright.

Opportunity in the rubble,
Origination from the rubble,
Dead things are not dead things at all.

Smoke may find us, stacking up the daze
This is the same dead answer that directs us now.
One world, one trajectory without doubt
Our optimist kills our pessimist
Day in, day out.

All you ever have to wish for is for what comes next.

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