asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

((a thought about my friends))

i want to see everyone at their weakest.

there is so much i dont know about people..

but people dont just hold random conversation about that kinda of stuff..

you dont just say "hey, hi, hello, tell me about the way you relate to people.
tell me what youre afraid of...tell me the things you dont consider fears because you think theyre stupid, but that make you tense up and want to cry when they occur.
hey, how are you doing, who do you compare yourself to?
hello, tell me about your personality when faced with others indecision. tell me how you respond to different sences. tell me what it is that makes you feel secure. tell me the times you feel at your worst. when do you think you look the most beautiful? what are your dreams..the ones youve stopped repeating even to yourself because youve been told theyre idealistic. how do you act when your selfish? tell me something youve never told anyone, and ill tell you that its interesting."

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