asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

02:26 am - survay
1. First grade teacher's name: i cant recall
2. Last person you kissed: Sarah p
3. Last word you said: "Silly" (to remy)
4. Last song you sang: something evanescense
5. Last person you hugged: i cant recall
6. Last thing you laughed at: something philip said.
7. Last person u thought of: philip...cuz i mentioned him in the last question.
8. What's in your CD player: nothing. my most recent playlist has been evanescense tho. so shoot me.
9. What socks are you wearing: normal socks.
10. What's under your bed: nothing personal.
11. Current status: single.
12. Current taste: the heck is that mean?
13. Current hair style: hair. not bald.
14. Current clothes: beige shorts; ffu shirt
15. Current Job: unemployed.
16. Current longing: **
17. Current desktop picture: sarah martin.
18. Current worry: college possibly
19. Current hate: ..
20. Story behind your useername: got it (asklepiades) from a random name generator..but turns out the meaning is somehow related to the word "cut" or 'to cut' or something along those lines. O_o; [[EDIT: "cut up"]]
21. Current favorite article of clothing: yeah! goth clothes! w00t. or my black coat...hmm...(where is it...)
22. Favorite physical feature(s) of the sex you are interested in: eyes.
23. Last CD that you bought: actually! i finally bought a CD for the first time in years. a random punk cd and a random trance cd. yeah.
24. Favorite place to be: southeast
25. Least favorite place: at times, here (home house). the rest of the time there isnt really one.
26. Time you wake up in the morning: if i sleep, noon ± several hours. it varies.
27. If you could play a new instrument, what would it be? guitaur (sp). definately an admirable thing to do.
28. If you could be someone else, who would u be: i wouldnt be anyone other than myself.
29. Current favorite word/saying: unyah!!
30. Favorite book: Tomorrow, Maybe
31. Favorite Movie(s): i usually dont have one. tho catcf was aweful good...
32. Favorite Songs: Kiss Me ~{sixpence}
33. Favorite thing in the world: *doesnt feel like answering this right now*
34. person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: lol. this person named jaclyn. nah...i dunno.
35. Favorite day: today?
36. Where do you want to go: *looks at sarah m* to some sort of land floating in the sky..
37. What is your career going to be: something productive. to people. ??
38. What do u want that u cant have: everything. (although i suppose thats within reach, so....)
39. What kind of car will you have: something cheap, rundown, and with good music. tee.
40. What kind of life do u want: ..dwd.qewrfw
41. A random lyric: "i will never see the sky, the same way, and i will learn to say goodbye, to yesterday, and i will never cease to fly, if held down, and i will always reach too high, cuz ive seen...cuz ive seen...twilight"
42. Eye Color: brown
44. Righty or Lefty: left.
45. Zodiac Sign: gemini maybe? i dont really care though.
46. Innie or Outtie: in.
47. Your heritage: space.
48. The shoes you wore today: my shoes of course.
49. Your hair: i dont know. brown..but not. somebody tell me what its called.. wahh!
50. Your weakness: me.
51. Your fears: alot of things...more than i realized.
52. Your most recent loss: lost connection with sarahp and her family...
53. Your most recent secret? trying to make it pretty dang obvious.
54. Your thoughts first waking up: ahhh!!! what do you mean ive gotta be someplace in 25 minutes?!!?
55. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes. (didnt we already go over this???)
56. Your bedtime: n/a, recently.
57. Your most missed companion: huh. (sp?)
58. Your perfect pizza: sbarro.
59. Sweet and Chewy or Salty and Crunchy: sour. beat that.
60. Single or group dates: any time i can get.. theyre not the same thing at all..i like them both. tho "group dates" arent dates. so i guess single.
61. Dogs or Cats: i wont choose, but im a cat person.
62. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: um...neither.
63. Chocolate or vanilla: depends. chocolate alot of the time...but vanilla has wonderous pros.
64. Cappuccino or Coffee: there a difference??? ill take a chantico please..
65. Smoke: no.
66. curse: no.
67. Sing: oh, yes.
68. Take a shower everyday: :yadyreve rewohs a ekat
69. Have a crush: yes.
70. Think you've been in love: i have. i am. and ill define 'love' how i please. thank you.
71. Want to go to college: no. no no no no no!! :(
72. Want more than what you got: nah.
73. Want to get married: sure.
74. Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: heh. no way.
75. Think you're attractive: i dunno anymore.. ..apaprently i can attract people... but as far as physically attractive goes...probably only sometimes.
76. Think you're a health freak: *looks around nervously* oh, yes!!
77. Get along with your parents: it would appear that way.
78. Play an instrument: sadly, no. (i have, before)
79. Cried: i have cried...whats it asking?
80. Smoke: AGAIN, no.
81. Done a drug: no.
82. Made Out: yes.
83. Go on a date: i have, yes..*nods*
84. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: these questions need to be in complete questions!! no.
85. Eaten sushi: yeah..
86. Been dumped: no..
87. Made homemade cookies: probably..
88. Been in love: yes.
89. Gone skinny dipping: no.
90. Dyed your hair: no..dont plan on it. sadly.
91. Stolen anything: nothing worth mentioning.
92. Punched someone: heh...ryan...
93. Been caught cheating: nope. not that ive cheated. tee.
94. Been called a tease: um...if i have...then it was probably be sefie and that really doesnt count.
95. Been Beaten up: not yet. tho its probably on my 'to do' list. (irl)
96. Changed who you were to fit in: yeah..most of us do.
97. Cried at something beautiful: oh yes.
98. Spent too much money on something you didn't need?: lol. oh yeah.
99. Cried when someone died: maybe.. i dont recall.


and yes. i deny the 100th question.

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