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the last day of july really made a name for itself.
even if i feel weakness creeping on and i want to cry.
today alot happened. (seef is sooo cool!! <-- seef)
physically/socially and emotionally.
and so ill just have to jump in; here goes...

i wake up and twenty minutes later we leave for church. ish. me and seef go to greet, sarah bland is there as well as jesse (and sarahbs sis.) and i get hot chocolate with sarah b. and thinking about it now, its so took me back to spring break right then. jesse did suggest learning braille, as sefies post says. we saw ed and his sister and the baby. in service, i sat next to sarah b. and though i dont know how well she felt today, i hope she realizes how much she means to me.

well, kyle gives an awesome message. and then i make a quick exit in order to, by some odd chance, find beka, and i do. so i walk with her to the college thing, and see maddy, whom i havent seen in forever. then i head over to the youth thing. on my way over there, i see a person who, from really really far off looks like emily, and it is. and i see seef leaving as i go in, and it turns out sarah pehlke is there. so i see her there. and thats interesting. and really nice. and i dont think she seemed angry at me or anything, and though we didnt really talk, i think alot was cleared up anyway. it meant alot to me. i also saw clay, brad, chris parks, matt, ryan, lauren (i saw her like every ten seconds each time i was at church today), treni, iactually had a conversation with lilly. i also saw michelle, katie, micah, and a bunch of other people too. and i met Adelais. which i think i spelled correctly and im sorry if i didnt. so that was all good, especially the part about sarah p. it was for the better that we encountered, and it wasnt all that akward afterall. i think we'll make it as friends. although i doubt ill see her least for a loong time. anyway.

anyway, i get picked up and a little while later i start my day with sarrah, whom ive been supposed to/hoping to hang out with today. and it went really well. and involved more sightings of people i hadnt seen in forever: courtney. me and sarrah went to see matt at courtneys house, where he gave me a blended squirrel. then me and sarrah went to kroger, and found a bunch of stuff we needed, like a table. we went to SBUX, but only to play syn, and then we went to bdubs. and got this amazing thins.. shrimp queso wrap or something. and we played cards. and we sarrah played the point game there. and then we headed over to vine. i got to go back behind stage for a bit, too. ooo..exciting. well, ryan arrives in time for the "white or black wire" dilemma. and i use some fancy manuvering to get ryans cell back after contacting green phone with it.
well, then i wander off (somehow, with sarrahs keys) to go and wait. and i do wait. and i see sarah's brother.
and then i see sarah. m. and its like yaaay. so i go and see her. and its still like yaaay. and maddys there, and i see billy white, and we call and wait for beka, and ed and trevor get there. and we see maddy's pics from her thing shes been at. (still more sightings of lauren) and then we go in. and sit in the handicapped section again, which is apparently a big deal to ryan.
and durning vine this night my mind goes through some of its more elaborate and confusing thought processes its had in awhile. see, im really happy, to be here with sarah. then theres ed who sems suprised (or something) at me and sarah. then theres beka who has this breakdown-type occurance. and im trying to tend to all of this while still simply holding sarahs hand (because thats what i want to do) and still participating to/listening to the vine message, which, i anyone caught, was just perfect for the departure-for-college issue. but im not sure if anyone did.
so that ends..bekas kinda of better. (although it really bothers me that shes currently feeling so lost..or whatever it is. hopeless maybe) and we head out to ryans car for medicine. its sucessful, too, and the big SBUX trip is decided on.
so we depart. ed drives beka in bekas car, i ride next to sarah and maddys in the back. lol, we get some interesting music for maddy. and then we get to hurstborne SBUX. and a whole other set of random encounters of people i havent seen in forever begins.
i get my double chantico, and sport maddys drink as well. we all go to the vault. while we're there, we encounter rebecca green, and have conversation with her. we also got Scott down there from indiana.
i also see jenna eastman, stephen roberts, jennifer l., some other people, trevor again, and apparently kelli's sister (thats what scott said). but all in all, we had a wonderful, loud time at starbucks. we really did. it was alot of fun. oh. and rebecca asked about me and sarah. i wasnt sure how to answer.

my house was next.
well, the day got better and better, as i managed to get more time with sarah. me and her arrived here first, and got a little bit of time alone before anyone else arrived. scott got here next, and talked to my family, and then to my family and me and sarah as well. he got goggles. sarah looked pretty cute in them, but sadly, i failed to take that picture. but ill remember it. anyway, then all at once ed, beka, ryan, and sarrah arrived. my street became a "parking lot" apparently. so we go downstairs. (this whole time, im cherishing every moment with sarah becasue..well.. she leaves tomorrow..) so we all get settled in, and the WEIRD movie Tommy is played. then the inviting begins.
to my house we draw Matt.
we draw Kelli.
we draw Wesley.
we draw Danny.
we try to draw erin and cyndi, but i dunno if we just couldnt het ahold of them of if they couldnt come, but ither way we failed.
and finally, we drew... (and this is so exciting..)Carol! :)

and then we put on ghost dad. and its all good. except for this bit where ed finds it amusing to sit between me and sarah. but we work that out. and the evening goes.

and then people start leaving, some when i dont even notice. kelli seemed stressed/tired. overworked.
and sarah left. although i will see her today if at all possible. if at all possible.
so the last people there were ed and carol. and i was interested in ed, for he had made this comment earlier that was..odd. anyway, by this point i was in a mood..i showed off my knives to them. carol liked all my dragon / crystals type necklaces. i showed of confidential confessions and 'cut'.
i was in a weird mood. and then ed left. and then carol left. and then i had nowhere to go.
so i got online and talked breifly to sarah before i fell asleep.

it had been a good day, and i was sad.

Welcome to August.

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