asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

well, what have i been doing?

ive had some pretty exciting days, i guess. last night was awesome becasue where i hadnt intended to see anyone, scott, wes, danny, ryan, sarrah, katie, michelle, lilly, and treni all ended up over here. thats how it works.. people just come.

lillys so cool.
katies so cool.
michelles so cool.
trenis so cool.
sefies so cool.

so, like, last night was spent hanging out at
and at

today ive been all over

noones here/on now.
sarahs still in mexico.

ive been in error on my going to purdue..i have one more day here than i thought.
so, to clear up all misconceptions that various people have, i leave early the 14th.
scott, ive heard, is leaving the 13th.

todays my moms b-day, so even though im not doing much other than sitting here, i dont think i can manage to make plans.

this week, my goals are to hang out with beka and to do something with erin.

although i dont know what days theyre free. (when are you free??)
or im free for that matter.

theres still tentative talk for a b-day party for scott;
matt higgs b-day is saturday i think. is the new thing, apparently. its like a massive database for college, etc.

maybe i should do a photopost.

we'll see.


[[EDIT: i forgot to mention..last night we ran into Elijah Derry at mcdonalds.]]

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