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despite what im sure is popular expectation, i am not going to write about what im doing these days. not just yet.
so my first college days will go un-recorded.

days of more work seem less meaningful.
but im trying my best to focus.

secretly, its really important that i get a really good education.

and probably more than graphic design'll give me.

so as time progresses im going to have to be real paticular about my minor.
and what i do after college.
as far as education goes.

because it looks like (and this isnt a bad think) the graphic design program here is pretty much a four year thing.. no matter how you look at it.


my foot just kinda fell asleep.
ive got caclulus in a bit.
these are good songs.


labor day is getting closer. althought im reall just using that as a goal. im not like 'i cant wait till labor day'..and i think thats good.. because these days are still these days. and so i have to be able to survive them, too.


im medicated again.

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