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THE ULTIMATE FAVORITES SURVEY (161 usual & unusual questions!)

Created by DivineInspiration89 and taken 240 times on Bzoink

What is your favorite:
foods etc.
foodum.. dont really have one. cheese?
meal of the daybreakfast!! (tho i havent had it recently .. *sadness*)
type of pastaheheh...all pasta rawks!
desertspice puffs
type of meatsalmon
kind of saladoo? ya kno..with lettuce..
kind of cookieSEFIES COOKIES!!
kind of piepie is bleh.
pizza toppingCHEESE!
flavoroh? huh. um.. i dunno..
ice cream flavor4x chocolate fudge w/ chocolate. (you get the point)
snackvaries. cheetos, potarts,..yeah.
flavor potato chipum.. potato chips. thats it.
drinkwater! (tho lemonade rawks, and bob evans has some sweet varieties!)
alcoholic drinkheheNO.
condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.)ketchup all the way
nationality of food (chinese, italian, etc.)mm. tough. chinese. tho pasta rules.
restaurantmaccoroni grill
breakfast foodEGGS!! (lol..theyre still better than those know the ones..)
dinner foodcan we skip dinner? fish, probably. like..salmon or something..(or McDonalds!!)
salad dressingi cant remember what its called.. 2nd favorite is catalina.
way to eat a potatofrench fries. or hash browns.
meal to cooki...can cook??
flavor coffeeChantico! (i think it counts!!)
flavor teamilky way tea. XD *looks at seef*
candy barsnickers.
candysnickers, or raisenets (sp)
snack at the movieswell speaking of them.. raisenettes (sp)
way to eat popcornum.. HUH?
ice cream toppingchocolate syrup, tho id probably just take ice cream plain.
carnival/fair treatdont do those. (treats at those places)
soft drinkteehee none.
koolaid flavorooo. its been soo long. grape.
thanksgiving foodstuffing?
spice (salt, sugar, cinnamon, etc.)lol. i like to sniff pepper. but sugar and i do go so well together.
Everyday stuff
time to get upas soon as im able to..
place to shopsuncoast!!
time of dayfavorite? 1:25. am or pm.
day of weeksaturday?
monthmay? december?
holidayim not sure. and i wont guess
brand of toothpastewhatever
brand of shampoowhatever
type of makeupnone is better.
place to be____________
subject in schoolmath. no, history. no, i dont know.
teacherdunno yet..
foreign languagegerman
historical eventi should have one of these, shouldnt i? *thinks* oh, whatever..
cityNew York City. or Atlanta. atlantas probably my favorite. tho i think i like being in nyc more.
article of clothingfirst think to come to mind: my black jacket.
item you ownoo. tough one. i really honestly cannot decide.
colorblack, i think. i havent decided. i also like red and purple.
type of weatherb4 a storm when its a little windy, quite overcast, feels cool in a moist kind of way, etc etc
careerfavorite career? lol. poet? writer? artist? ..writer probably.
extra curricular activity (dance, gymnastrics, etc.)DDR! heck yes!
sportblah. soccer probably..
party gamepoodle volleyball
Dating & love
physical feature in the opposite sexeyes
personality trait of the opposite sexthe heck is a personality trait? ooh. well, im not about to pick one of these.. alo are good, but no one is key or anything..
place to go on a date_____________
thing to do on a datewhatever the other person wants, for the most part.
gift to get from your datei guess something that could be associated with that person.
flowerviolet? neh..i dont really have a favorite flower.
kind of kiss____(also, it varies by situation.)
place to be kissed?
place to kiss your date?
topic of conversation with your datebunnies, of course! no, um..who would have a favorite topic of conversation? you go through a variety of topics. its not like "ok, lets talk about #@*&again. thats my favorite
way to show affectioni cant fully explain it here, but it has alot to do with just holding a person (also, it varies by situation)
way for them to dressit really doesnt matter. people look best when they're being themselves.
way to communicate with them (phone, email, etc.)in person. (if that doesnt count, phone)
Music, Movies, etc.
genre of musictrance, probably (tho thats not what i listen to)
bandsixpence none the richer
singerto vary from previous answer, evanescense. (well, a more appropriate answer would be amy lee i guess)
radio stationi dont listen to that
concert you've been toive only been to one, so i guess chevelle
party musicddr!! yeah!
romantic musicthis would vary be situation. tho i guess id just choose not to have any music. silence make for beautiful music.
way to listen to music (CD, radio, etc.)cd.. or on my computer. headphones often perfered.
music to listen to when you're sadevanescnese..and it affects me like nothing else.
music to listen to when you're angryrock i guess
songKiss Me ~{Sixpence}
lyricschorus from Twilight ~{Vanessa Carlton} oh! oh! or like..any .hack song.
albumone of sixpence's prob. close is evanescense fallen, bon jovi's more recent stuff's up there too.
song that relates to your lifeTwilight ~{Vanessa Carlton}
quote"finally, describe the realtionship between people [...]" (trust wouldnt fit)
jokehehe.. no. i dont do jokes. (heh)
actori guess vin diesel. him and johnny deep are the only ones that interest me, for the most part.
actresstwo. Mandy Moore and Natalie Portman.
comedianhuh? like i know..
TV show overall.hack
reality showboo..
game showboo.. ((can i call kaiju big battel a game show? please??)
dramaDa Capo
sitcomis this what the office is?
TV channeli dont realy watch tv, but probably "16", (lol) probably have to go with scifi, even over cartoon network.
movieGarden State
genre of moviedrama?
place to go to the
people to see a movie withsarah. scott and cyndi. erin. beka. carol. sp. friends. alone. anyone. movies arent that social of things, and i love the company of all my friends.
type of movie to see in a theatercool scifi stuff IS impressive..tho i dont really have a preference on this one.
All About You
physical featureeyes, sometimes..
personality trait*wont answer this*
way to wear your hairwhatever.
way to wear your makeupha. as if.
pair of shoessandles, now.
outfitbondage pants, goth shirt (yay and happiness for goth)
thing that makes you smilesarah.
family membersefie.
friendscott? treni?
room in your housebedroom (tho now my 'house' is pretty much one room. well..and the bathroom.. heh.
place to be alonehavent really found one yet. *is looking*
place to be with your friendsanywhere with friends is grand. (on second thought, perferably not school)
The Internet
email hostzzn
IM serviceaim
online friend(*sadness* what ver happened to keely???) i suppose karol
online gameAdventure Quest
IM/chat phrasew00t
search enginegoogle
fonti mostly use times new roman. but hey! ive got a suicide font
Travel & the world
type of carpssssh
form of transportationflying!! (no, silly, not in a plane!)
state in the USGA, then NY, then KY, then michigan probably..ive always though it sounded cool.
place to vacationid rather not vacation if it means being with friends.
oceanthe Southern Ocean
countryuas, then iceland, then japan.
place to travelwherever those traveling with me want to go.. alone? i travel without a destination.
type of climate (arctic, desert, beach, etc.)whatever its called when theres rain and green
type of surroundings (city, country, etc.)this is the one dream of mine that noones ever fit into, but i like the big city
natural disasterfavorite?? eeh.. floods. why not.
natural wonder?? meaning? everything's wonderfully (thanks to our God) i choose the moon.
body of water (lake, river, ocean, etc.)uuuhh. i like tributaries (???????????)
childhood toyclb
childhood memorysilver lake or whatever it was called.. dang, i cant even remember..
childhood friendbilly!
elementary school activitylittle connecting block things.
place to playback behind..whose house was it? billy's? arli's?
game to playi dont remember us playing any games..
birthday party (yours or a friend's)beats me..
food as a kidgrapes.
way to annoy your parentsright.
way to get what you wantedhigh powered mech assult vehicles (aka mrs melton)

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