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1) What word best describes kawaiikate101? yay
2) What animal should kawaiikate101 be combined with? bunny
3) If p00lsh4rk was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? mmm... dunno.
4) Would cactaurbeolouve go out with lucanani? no!
5) What rank would dark_vinsanity have in a giant robot army? rank of giant robot
6) What is sarrah16 allergic to? spice
7) Are heterogeneity and lolabunnie going out? no.
8) Is larrythepenguin an emo? heck yes! O.o
9) Are shatteredhavoc and senyen married? nope.
10) What do you disagree with troche_wiecej about? the pacifiers a good movie.. everything else i agree with her on.
11) Would dark_vinsanity and umiyuko look good together? lol. they might look good as far as color schemes go...
12) How many monkeys could afinalgoodbye03 fight at once and win against? probably like fifty freaking thousand!!
13) What would kaylipso92 do differently in your shoes? dunno..
14) Which of your friends should werdnah go out with? the person he is. (he still is, isnt he?)
15) What comic book character would kaylipso92 be? i think she should get her own character.
16) Do you think kawaiikate101 is hot? E#%YE%$^E
17) Does ninjawhop drink? lol. depends on what you mean..
18) If pineapplelove95 were hanging off a cliff, what would ersigh do? update lj?
19) If larrythepenguin had a superpower, what would it be? probably something really obscure.. or invisible?? iunno..
20) Does cactaurbeolouve travel a lot? only in his spare time?
21) Is umiyuko athletic? not too much.
22) Is afinalgoodbye03 a nerd? heh.yesh!!
23) Is shatteredhavoc your best friend? pretty close.
24) What planet should cagedtiger_wdm be from? planet fluffy.
25) What would kasumi_ai think of senyen? she would admire her.
26) What would you do if you found out pineapplelove95 has a crush on you? depends on how i found this out.
27) Where would senyen most like to visit? hm. id like to know this.
28) Where was troche_wiecej born? dunno.
29) Do you have sarrah16's screenname? i do indeed. found it through strenuous research a long time ago.
30) Does ninjawhop have a dog? no. only jenga and skittles (i think..)
31) Where did you first meet kristinagg? school.
32) Is lolabunnie related to you? in the beginning.....
33) Does afinalgoodbye03 know i_am_h3ro? possibly.
34) Would you make out with lolabunnie? nope.
35) Is kasumi_ai 1337? yep.
36) One quality you find attractive in umiyuko? her appreciation for the artistic.
37) One thing you can't stand about nomorematches? theres nothing i cant stand about her..
38) Do onus_caiais and silentseawar go to the same school? once... once they did *sigh*
39) How long would cactaurbeolouve dating p00lsh4rk last? not to long, unless for some odd reason they both decided to try and make it work.. but i dont see why..
40) How would sarrah16 kill heterogeneity? by glaring.
41) Is kaylipso92 popular? id like to think so.
42) What video game does umiyuko remind you of? lol. magic pengel came to mind.
43) Do you have a crush on pineapplelove95? i do not have a crush on her, no.
44) If capnshap commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? rats and children.
45) When did you last call kaylipso92? :( i dunno.. but we did talk on the phone just a few days ago..
46) What would p00lsh4rk give lolabunnie for his/her birthday? a hat? a purse?
47) What is neo_hippie2's favorite color? ill go with orange.
48) Does cagedtiger_wdm do drugs? hopefully not.
49) Thoughts on sarrah16? yes i have thought on sarrah. more than on anyone else..
50) If lucanani took over the world, who would suffer? oo. oo. i should know this. there was something she didnt like..but . i dont remember what..
51) What exotic animal would lolabunnie like as a pet? a flamingo.
52) Would p00lsh4rk be a better ninja or pirate? pirate.
53) What animal does capnshap remind you of? wolf. lol... iunno..
54) Did p00lsh4rk break up with you? no.
55) What is onus_caiais's favorite movie? #WT$ ES do i not know???
56) Would heterogeneity and ersigh make a good couple? [[EDIT: maybe.]]
57) Does ninjawhop have a crush on silentseawar? no.. hed probably dislike her, anyway..
58) What song/movie would you recommend to heterogeneity? id have to give that more thought.
59) What flavor of jello would silentseawar be? ive never analyzed jello flavors. in fact..what flavors does jello come in.. she'd be orange.
60) Would you set up werdnah and umiyuko? no.
61) Is lolabunnie friends with kasumi_ai? yes. good friends.
62) Is sarrah16 in a relationship? uhhuh.
63) What color should larrythepenguin dye their hair? his hairs a good color. i gues he could go green and black. or red and black.
64) What is heterogeneity's favorite band/artist? dont know. what is it?
65) What would you do if kasumi_ai died? obiously, use a pheonix down.
66) Has larrythepenguin been to your house/dorm? yes.
67) How long have you known kasumi_ai? for her entire 1337 years of living!!
68) Could you see cactaurbeolouve and nomorematches together? eh..thats streching it..
69) Where was larrythepenguin born? beats me..
70) If shatteredhavoc and tan_ao_tou were siamese twins, where would they be joined? ring finger.
71) What is kristinagg's shoe size? something small?? how do i know? and how.. do i know shoe sizes.. *sigh*
72) Which president would tan_ao_tou be likely to idolize? the next one: sefie.
73) If kawaiikate101 and lolabunnie were spliced together, what would it be like? that would be odd. but they'd probably go pretty far in life.
74) Is shatteredhavoc related to troche_wiecej? by religion
75) Would you ever date nomorematches? only under extremely different circumstances for the last few years.
76) What languages does kasumi_ai speak? zoombini.
77) Have you flirted with nomorematches? no?
78) Have you ever dated umiyuko? no.
79) Is shatteredhavoc a high school student? once.
80) What is sarrah16's biggest flaw? she sometimes chooses to escpe form difficulty rather than face it.
81) Has heterogeneity dyed their hair? uhhuh, tho i have no idea how often.
82) Are heterogeneity and umiyuko going steady?
83) Is larrythepenguin introverted or extroverted? introverted
84) Would you wrestle senyen in jello? lol. that would be interesting. perhaps.
85) Does onus_caiais smoke? nope.
86) Does cagedtiger_wdm go to your school? she did a few months ago.
87) cagedtiger_wdm's hair color? red-jello
88) Is cagedtiger_wdm dead sexy? of course.
89) How would nomorematches conquer the world? matches?
90) If silentseawar took over the world, who would be happy? me. actually, that would be really interesting.
91) What is kasumi_ai's favorite food? MEAT.
92) What do you agree with cagedtiger_wdm about? quite a ton of stuff. like caring about people. and like, importance of God, and like... well, alot of stuff.
93) Is larrythepenguin single? er..yes?
94) How tall is silentseawar? :)
95) If p00lsh4rk and cagedtiger_wdm were spliced together, what would be its name? Spot.
96) What mental disorder does ninjawhop remind you of? bloodthirstiness/skitzophrenia (sp)
97) kaylipso92's eye color? O.O i..dont know.. (apparently red.. at all the pictures ive got of her ^^;;)
98) Does silentseawar have a big secret? several, i would imagine.
99) What is pineapplelove95's favorite game? dunno.
100) Is ersigh a college student? no. (no, right?)

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