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and everybody's singing "la la la, its alright."

somehow, reading the lj entries of my friends made me tired.
i want to comment. i really do.
but i dont feel like saying what i have to say currently via comments.
so oh well, if i truely mean something, it'll reflect in my behavior anyway.

i shouldnt be misunderstood.

so.. whats new?
well, october is seeming farther away.
sefie came and got to eat at a dining hall with me.
scotts drink had a dark spot in it.
my parents were here as well.

i still have alot of nights where id like to talk to erin
i still wish that i could be a stronger presence in bekas situations
in fact, theres quite alot that i fear may be lacking.

but its alright for now.
i've got sarah.
thats more than enough for me.

i wonder what she's up to..
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