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so i dont forget what its called, winsockfix ((i met a girl named tara))

corpse bride
wonderful movie
afterwards me scott diana and someone
got ice cream and then came back to my dorm for awhile

aliyah and everyone else went to see the movie with me

and then
i didnt

at all;
and now ive finished gundam wing
and ive got ahold of haibane lain and flcl
i dont think i can get gasaraki,
and boogiepops not currently worth the space without dual audio.

and heres the coolest part of all of corpse bride

"If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain
If you cut me with a knife it's still the same
And I know her heart is beating and I know that I am dead
Yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it's not real
And it seems that I still have a tear to shed"

so i need to do homework; ive done some, and thats good.
and if i didnt do anymore, i wouldnt be overwhelmed,
but id still be somewhat behind.
and this pool project
just eats up time.

Facinating new thing, you delight me, and I know you're speaking of me.
Facinating new thing, get beside me, I want you to love me.

so yesterday when i woke up my first few thoughts included the desire to put them in my lj, so here they are.
i was thinking about health again, and it led me to thinking about wants and needs, and i realized that people almost entirely associate 'needs' with health, as if the end goal is survival. and thats great, but needs are also relative, just like wants. its not logical to say 'you dont need that' in reference to something that would generally be considered a want, because you dont know the other persons end goal, their ultimate mission. and most likely food and shelter will be needs regardless of the goal, but other things could also be included. the phrase "a need" should not be synonymous.

so i wake up get up this morning, and get ready (sorta), and go out, and its raining. and it still is.
and it feels good.
and it wont feel as good once i realize what homework i havent dont, but now it feels good.
.tey tew nettog tnevah i

i was listening to kiss me, heres my current playlist.
~Thousand Mile Wish ~{Finger Eleven}
~Definately Maybe ~{FM Static}
~Stay ~{Alison Krauss}
~Facinating New Thing ~{Semisonic}
~Mr. Brightside ~{The Killers}
~Let Go ~{Frou Frou}
~Come Clean ~{Hillary Duff}
~Hero ~{Nickleback}
~Goodbye to You ~{Michelle Branch}
~All You Wanted ~{Michelle Branch}
~Kiss Me ~{Sixpence None the Richer}

these are pretty much simply my most played songs. with a few differences.

ive still got pictues on my camera from way before college.
i need a pic of erin on my cell.
and cyndi.
although i have managed to take at least two pictures on my cell phone of wild water bottles ive seen around.
im trying to figure out a way to get phone pics online,
esp those.
for carol.

who updated, come to think of it.. i need to go leave some comments.

89 2005 cal ppl on facebook, actually at least 91..but thats still not enough!
my character completion needs a much higher percentage!! dont think about facebook like that...

i saw pretty things at the mall yesterday *glomps suncoast*
aside from all the usual, they had gundam seed creature plush, last exile and gungrave bobbleheads, last exile plush, digimon comics.. still have the cosplay hats.. menchi stuff... lots pretty soundtracks (somedays dreamers, noir, madlax, l'arc en ciel, haibane..i carried them around the store holding them and being yay until not buying them didnt seem as bad..) and then there was this group of little girls that came in (yes, little girls, sefie) and most were like "lets go to a real candy store for candy" and generally 'pssh' attitudes.. but there was this one who, despite the others..was looking at the pocky and stuff, and the anime magazines, and the manga.. and i was like...yay. it was so exciting. i hope that person never gives in to the norm.

"so can you stay until we close our eyes, until your dreams hold mine"
"Just stay until we know we tried one more time"

its still raining.
12-13 days.

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