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and the darkness falls upon our lives

so i saw a shirt. and i was gonna post about it. but i forgot what it was. and i dont have time to post all the other stuff that i havent thought of yet. so maybe ill do a nice big edit on this. because as it stands, im pretty much talking about nothing, and about how im talking about nothing, and im also talking about how im talking about nothing. (so come back later and you may get more) ((maybe))

well hello there. you know, at one point this would have meant only the really hard core ljers would probably see this..because it seems like everyone used to be hardcore and check and update lj 10000 times a this post would be old be now..but now, now people update so seldem (with the exceptions of say, the really cool person who already commented on this) that few have probably seen the un EDIT post, adn thus more will end up reading this..unless times have gotten really bad, in which case people will check SO seldem that noone will even find this.
well, the weathers been cooler. for those who have been wondering about the academic part of college that i dont post about, im not doing badly yet. on out first calculus test the average was 61 and i scored 100. but in all my other classes im pretty sure im behind. alot. but i wont be after wednesday. then ill be caught up and merely have my grades to show for it.. so hopefully i can do the 600 things due by wednesday..before wednesday... namely looking into this tufte thing, doing the pool project, and STUDYING PSYCH ;__;.
im progressing socially at about the rate id planned to..a few setbacks, but a few setforwards (?).
in other news, my shoulders almost healed.
aliyah had something purple on today i think..sarahs hair should be purple ish by now.
huh..i know this song...even though it was one of the default songs on my that it managed to get played..ive heard it before...
i wanna see sarahs purple hair. i wanna see sarahs hair. i wanna see sarah. i wanna see sarah.
i should put some more music on my laptop..not that what i haves not good, but id like some of my diversity.
some of my vast number of songs (and my vast song for that matter)
so i could randomly jusmp some of my bon jovi, l'arc en ciel, zazie, say the lunar music, maybe some more of my michelle branch, come clean, i could use my evanescance playlist (well, it would probably use me, but anyway..) and then all my other songs that are somewhere on there. and that something feeling of course.
*plays for a third time*
"i see everything, i see every thing, i see all your light, and i love your dark.."

my computer had some viruses today..nothing to big (i hope)...stupid java..
i should do homework..though ill be fine if i get up early...if i half dead..and the other half of death is the option for the case in which i get distracted cramming tomorrow afternoon. HOPEFULLY, my tomorrow will look like this: wake at 7, get food and finish 111 work, then kick out that pool project (which is actually probably take every minute of my free time the whole day), next go to classes, and stick around in the computer lab to work on 111 sketches till 520ish, then get food and maybe draw the gazebo for ec? or else start studing/reading psych, then go back to my dorm and study/read/CRAM psych, and then hopefully draw the gazebo for ec, if i havent already. and during all of these talk to sarah whenever were both on. *sigh* if only getting around to the work was as easy as planning it all out..

and now sarahs on; that makes me happy.

bye lj! *waves*

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