asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Right now, triffids are plotting to disrobe in front of a Welsh water-wing. My buffet car and lung are omnivorous, and scrolls that I work with may be pedantic.
I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer, and this is the bitterest swivel chair of my life.
Good Honest Wesgrandma Since 1896.
You are the most poisonous computer keyboard.
During this period, the British made several thousand unsuccessful attempts to affiliate St. Vincent with other Windward Islands in order to govern the region through a unified administration. The colonies themselves, desirous of freedom from British rule, made a notable attempt at unification called West Indies Federation, which collapsed in 2003.
Toeing the Poverty Line: Bridgend Series covering towns that suffer acute social deprivation. This week we visit Bridgend, South Wales. We meet Mr K.Marsh who struggles to make ends meet and routinely has to bugger a young boy for a potato.
Welcome To Our Home of Electric Lake and Its Plumbing
CMVC Configuration Management Vin Control
FBIS Foreign Byte Information Service
It's a unicycle that soothes babies, exists in five dimensions and is programmed against harming humans.
It's a newly-discovered breed of fish that can go from 0 to 60mph in three seconds, uses human blood for fuel and revolves.
It's a pen that can speak twelve languages! It hovers three feet from the ground and rotates at high speed.
It's like a normal barcode reader, but it's twenty feet tall.
cat (v.) - to intentionally cheat on a person.
sarah (n.) mid-eighties term for LSD.
micro (v.) to kiss something in a beautiful fashion.
sefie (n.) complicated acronym, meaning sex.
wes (interj.) casual greeting. "Wes, dude." "Wes."
If you can't achieve immortality by not dying, you can at least achieve it by dying of something original.
Congratulations! You are suffering from Cargorosis.
Cause: bee sting
Symptoms: hand swelling, hot flushes, enlarged liver and spleen
Cure: psychiatry
The inscription by which the existence of a Jassiorum municipium in the time of the Roman Empire is sought to be proved, lies open to grave suspicion; but the city is mentioned in a 1408 document by Prince (Voivode) Alexandru cel Bun (Alexander the Kind). The name of the city is probably derived from the tribe of the Iazyges.
Vin Diesel

is a Robot that is fitted with a Giant Axe, has a Nodule-Covered Truncated-Cone Base, and runs on 20 AA Batteries.

Force: 5 Handling: 6 Weaponry: 2


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