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o the girls name is actually nausicaa. thats good. will foxy still be foxy?

a) the person i thought i found last night (not relavent to my other post) probably isnt who i thought it was.

b) nausicaa is alot different than the one i saw. alas.. (well, different names for things (different voices?) and like... extremely less condensed. like.. a five minute scene here was 1 minute for me. then again, ive only watched a little of this version.
i like mine a little better i think.. oh. and the gorgons arent called gorgons.. theyre called ohms or something liek that. but of course..this version is pretty much the unadulturated version, purer like orignially intended. i think.. ANYWAY.

c) class in half an hour.

d) then the series of events begin that will lead me to sarah.

[e) and 101 was interesting today]

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