asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

and i had lunch today, uhhuh
it was all good, it was all cool.
only its wasnt cool per se
but it wasnt anything else either.
there was no weather today.
the sun never rose.
weve all wandered around in a system glitch in a slight oversight
for hours without time and without color
shapes being transcribed into white lines by their motion
by their perpetual this and that way
by their never ending stream of refreshing and recalibrating
like the guns inside your wardrobe, in those places where i watch him go at night,
in the cold, in the cold.

if not for the absense of something, we all might have drifted away,
floated away, soared off our feet without realizing it in our numbness
watched as the particles of grass dissipated in our
subpar mental minds.
the temperature wasnt there, it clear abandoned us
leaving us to feel up ourselves to determine
if that body you love is
dead or not.

and the clovers twisted softly before writhering up completely, as if
to say that they weren't hungry anymore
after all those years of indulgence.

so flap your heavy wings; loose your matted feathers.
what youve come to take for granted is something that i crave
to take for granted as well, if only.
lift, oh you have lift; shoot into the sky
the twirling remnants of your wake would awe me
if i cared.
what is a shade of brown that i could loose my feet,
bound to this heavy earth for far too long.
i paint the hawks beak lavender and thus tie it to the ground i know
like the bubbles that i bathe in i pop while i am
nude, moving, never stopped.
i watch the lines of the tanks as they roll down my highway
stroll down my byway
meander down my lifeway going someplace i dont care.
what is gravity but the royal force that moves against us?

and what is space.

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