asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

there isnt time for you here; go away.

and the he closed his eye and cocked his head, and before he knew it he was on fire and the world was rushing by at a million miles an hour
further and closer, he came to the clouds, his straight projection arching up, until
he exploded, and for a moment all the sounds on the earth stopped, and we experienced our first moment of silence.
colors streamed forth across the sky, a brilliant array of light that attracted the gaze of the nations, all at once.
and seven billion faces smiled at the sky while twice that many hands were held.
and when the sound returned they were torn to pieces;
the pretty lights were gone and
a fierce wind tossed debris across the surface of the world.
all the faces still were smiling till they were faces no more
mere bloody pulps of what they were before.
and when he opened his eye he knew the name of the girl he loved.

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