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Riding Busses.

Start Time: 3:21 (purdue time)
Medium: Notepad
Start Location: New Albany

Well, I'm en route now. I'm on the grayhound going from Louisville to Indianapolis. From there, I'll take another one on to Lafayette. As the bus drove past downtown Louisville and into Indiana, my last thoughts were of the Louisville Science Center, and what it would be like to work there. Upon entering Indiana, my firsts thoughts were as follows: "Scott; milkshakes."
Soon I shall begin on my homework; I want to, or perhaps need to, prepare my title page, problem statement, metric, and specifications for my State of Fear interior. I didn't contact any company for specifications, and I am unsure if I should make it sound like I did and merely forgot to include it, or if I should just make some stuff up. Hopefully I can get online tonight when I get in and do some research so that a little of both would be true. Also, I failed to get my sketch photocopied at a reduced size; if Scott hasnt either, and is able to, and thinks its worth his time, and the Union is still open, I think I'll ask him to do it with me there. If not, oh well. My project can hold it's own, even if my specifications can't. Burton will deal. So will I.
Today went well. Today went very well. Today went wonderfully very well, and I ate a mysterious vegetable that was very good. I also went to Katlyn's church, even though i didn't see her. That was somewhat sad, because I value our friendship. I was, however, with Sarah for much of the morning. Which made me happy, as she is the sole reason I was even in Louisville this weekend. I'm going to take the liberty to assume it made her happy as well, which, again, was my sole reason for being in Louisville this weekend.
The church was interesting. The people were a little scary, but not to me--possibly to each other. Of course, noone's actually the way I identitify them, especially people at least my age. I still think my sort of stereotyping is effective, however, because I only use it as a groundwork. That one person really isn't going to commit crime for money or die as a result. The man at the beginning really isn't looking to get promoted, and the twio girls really weren't plotting and vicious. The man who spoke really wasn't much more comfortable giving the presentation than he was coming up with it. The guy on the end probably doesn't preform at his very best when complimented by his coach for sucessfully carrying out his instructions; he may in fact not be on a ball team, such as football. The man behind me most likely didn't actually make up his arguments on the spot and still feel like he had come up with them beforehand. Finally, the two people on the end, both of whom I've already mentioned, probably did not leave the lesson remembering mainly keywords and ideas; the one on the end probably won't recall them word for word when he thinkas about his day, and the one next to him probably won't recall them word for word when he tells other people about his day. None of those things are probably true, but they're good places to start. I think so at least. The person next to Sarah, the person who talked about CAD, and Sarah's brother all may be how I imagined them, but then again, they seemed more pure, so I don't really have much to say about them, and different aspects of theirs reminded me of me.
I won't go into the service, other than to say that I think all of the staff (such as the pastor) had it all together. I was amused, however, that before the sermon started I was sitting there thinking that everyone was together and yet isolated in their own little worlds. Then the service started and the message was about bringing unity, about how there were different groups in the church, and about how people shouldn't be so isolated. Well, part of it was about that. I was amused and suprised.
Sarah makes me happy.
Sarah makes me happy.
There is, of course, more to it than that (it refering to our relationship as well as my weekend), but that will serve as a good enough description of my weekend, for all my avid LiveJournal readers.
I saw Carol and Erin too.
If I get further distracted from starting on my homework, I'll text message Erin soon. Other than that, I'm about done here for now.

Sometimes you're a nut.
Sometimes Vin Diesel eats your children.

Stop time: 4:00 (purdue time)

Start Time: 6:31 (purdue time)
Start Location: Indianapolis

After delays in the Indianapolis terminal, we are finally on our way. This bus is eventually going to Chicago, but will be making several stops along the way. Lafayette seems to be the first; I'm about an hour out.
There were two amazing people in the station..i don't know where they were going, but it was this girl with short blue hair and a guy with really long hair. They were magnificent. She smoked.
I am definately going to be an author someday.

Stop time: 6:38 (purdue time)

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