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A Hello Shadow.

hello world
perhaps this is the making of a funeral the way you fly away before me
i dont need to feel constrained unless i want to
and i dont so why is it that i do

"All the little pieces fallen, shatter.. ..rettahs ,nellaf seceip elttil eht llA"

and its so exciting, is so alive, brilliant and flashy, oh, its so exciting, its so alive
can you feel it, i know you can, i know its in your veins, heh, its so exciting, isnt it
yeah, it really is, its so alive, so vibrant and inside you, dont deny it, its all about you
youre so crazy about it, arent you, just so thrilled, like you cant even sit still, haha
its just so tingly, like a little vibration in your soul, yeah it is, oh, isnt it great, isnt it grand
you know its just so wonderful, so completely beautiful, its just like you to love it, and you cant help yourself
never could, its just that good, that exciting, heh heh, oh yeah, its just incredible like that
whoosh bang boom, like that, aweing and astounding, like nothing youve felt before, yeah you know it like it is
it really gets me going, really makes me feel awake, sorta like a drug
like one of those quick fixes, get riches, real amazing just like that
almost like, pang, there it is, its so exciting
heh, oh yeah, pulsing, thats what it is
its pulsing through your mind, through your heart and your spine
i know you feel it, does it make you move
make you dance, make you turn about
hmm, does it, yeah i can tell it does
i can see it in your eyes, in the way your arms are shaking, yeah
its all about you, youre all about it, arent you
its like everything youeve ever known, isnt it
its that rushing, quick sensation, long vibration
its crazy, the moment you feel alive, thats what it is
and its everything, everything youve dreamt of doing
all those nights, thats what it is, its every day youve never lived
every day youve thought youve lived
everything youve thought youve said, its crazy, thats what it is
do you feel it, do you, the craving, the lackluster of where youre at, its a need
thats what im saying, its one of those gotta have its that you just gotta have
yeah, you know it, you know all about it, heh, the way it does its stuff
the way it turns you on, oh yeah, just like that, its so flashy
so new and so all that, liek its just now happening, and you know it is
can you taste it then, its bitter isnt it, yeah, you love it, you love everything about it
youre totally involved, totally addicted, oh its so great
oh its just amazing, you know its the new thing
its the greatest and the best thing, like its the most amazing thing
its snazzy and its jazzy, like an old-turned-new thing
look at your face, oh how you want it, heh heh, oh wow
its just so amazing, its just incredible, yeah
thats how it is
thats just how it is.

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