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More Politics

"Scientists are finding that chocolate—or, more specifically, cocoa powder made from ground, defatted cocoa beans—contains compounds that have the potential to protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes."

"ounce for ounce, dark chocolate has five times as many antioxidants as blueberries."

""The science is compelling. I think it's a good idea to include flavonol-rich foods such as chocolate in your diet,""

"A recent Italian study confirmed that dark chocolate can decrease blood pressure; it also revealed that the dark stuff may help prevent type 2 diabetes by encouraging hormones to transport sugar from the blood into cells for fuel."

..and theres more. just mouse over the period at the end of the first quote.

((note: a good way to pervent people from going to links is to make them have to retype the html address themselves.))

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