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this is an old meme, i know, but posting its clearly within my legal bounds

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) What languages does capnshap speak? all of them
2) How tall is sarrah16? zero
3) What is troche_wiecej's favorite game? pizza
4) Does capnshap have a dog? all of them
5) Do pineapplelove95 and cagedtiger_wdm go to the same school? not anymore
6) Are capnshap and pineapplelove95 going steady? ready ______ go
7) One quality you find attractive in kawaiikate101? yayness
8) Is cactaurbeolouve a nerd? dren
9) Are cactaurbeolouve and silentseawar going out? out of doors
10) What is ninjawhop's favorite food? porn
11) Is pineapplelove95 popular? hopefully not like that
12) What exotic animal would kaylipso92 like as a pet? an aquatic egyptian four eyed spotted tree bunny
13) Does shatteredhavoc have a big secret? badda boom
14) What do you agree with troche_wiecej about? nearly everything, and alot of our personality development as well
15) Would you set up capnshap and senyen? set up take down; its a trap
16) Are shatteredhavoc and cherryslushies married? no no no no no
17) What is dark_vinsanity's favorite movie? remember the chronicles of teen titans
18) If onus_caiais took over the world, who would suffer? hw
19) Have you ever dated sarrah16? sarrah16: june, the twenty third, 1503.
20) What planet should onus_caiais be from? earth will actually do despite
21) Has sarrah16 been to your house/dorm? no here yet :( but yeah my 'house'
22) Is kawaiikate101 athletic? athletics are kawaiikate101
23) How would ninjawhop kill cherryslushies? HE WOULDNT.
24) Has cactaurbeolouve dyed their hair? blue and spiky
25) What is cagedtiger_wdm allergic to? using
26) If cagedtiger_wdm was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? sefie of course..
27) Where did you first meet troche_wiecej? someplace without time
28) Thoughts on onus_caiais? tee. more than on anyone else.
29) Does kawaiikate101 drink? no...please no!!!
30) Would you ever date cherryslushies? not in the future most likely, but it almost happened once.
31) Would i_am_h3ro and sarrah16 make a good couple? doesnt matter
32) When did you last call troche_wiecej? i dont think i ever have..maybe i should??
33) Does senyen travel a lot? all the time
34) Do you have sarrah16's screenname? ive had 3 of her xangas, 3 ljs 2 aim 2 yim and maybe more.
35) Is i_am_h3ro 1337? lol. |-|3CK Y35
36) Is kasumi_ai a high school student? kasumi ai runs the high school.
37) Is dark_vinsanity introverted or extroverted? contraverted
38) Is senyen dead sexy? sexy? dead? nenyes
39) If shatteredhavoc and lucanani were spliced together, what would it be like? it would be an impressive way.
40) Did onus_caiais break up with you? no...
41) What video game does silentseawar remind you of? it doesnt matter.. shes better than a video game..
42) What would you do if you found out lolabunnie has a crush on you? not to much, sorry, but that just cant go.
43) What is sarrah16's favorite band/artist? maybe not her favorite, but a key related song is def maybe
44) What is kawaiikate101's favorite color? i really dont want to just assume...
45) Does pineapplelove95 smoke? SHES A DRUGDEALER IM TELLING YOU
46) What mental disorder does i_am_h3ro remind you of? all the good ones ive got.. you know..the paranoia/suicial/confusion/delusional ones. heheh.
47) What animal does tan_ao_tou remind you of?
48) What is cagedtiger_wdm's shoe size? 13 1 20 20
49) capnshap's eye color? all of them
50) Have you flirted with lucanani? no, silly..shes a good friend.
51) Does cactaurbeolouve have a crush on lucanani? he better not..(sefie!) also, theyre the two non crush type, but hey, iop...
52) Would dark_vinsanity and kasumi_ai look good together? no.
53) Is cactaurbeolouve your best friend? close.
54) Is shatteredhavoc friends with ninjawhop? yesh.
55) If cactaurbeolouve and kawaiikate101 were siamese twins, where would they be joined? ddr pad
56) What would cherryslushies think of cagedtiger_wdm? theyd be/are/were good friends
57) What would you do if pineapplelove95 died? i would see to it that everything related to her after her death occured in a way so that everyone would hear what they were supposed to
58) What do you disagree with umiyuko about? i honestly cant think of anything
59) What would pineapplelove95 give lucanani for his/her birthday? something with worth.
60) What song/movie would you recommend to pineapplelove95? full moon, maybe? i could think of something better with some time. i really really could.
61) Does i_am_h3ro go to your school? yes. i just..dont..anymore.
62) Which of your friends should asklepiades go out with? maybe onus_caiais...just maybe?
63) Could you see dark_vinsanity and sarrah16 together? dvs w/ s16 yes
64) kawaiikate101's hair color? yayness
65) Is kaylipso92 related to you? yes were engaged
66) Would you make out with cherryslushies? probably will not occur in this particular reality..
67) How would silentseawar conquer the world? because shes strong
68) Would capnshap go out with cagedtiger_wdm? I THINK SO.
69) What is onus_caiais's biggest flaw? i am not prepared to answer said question.
70) Do you think cherryslushies is hot? no more questions bout this, k?
71) Is kasumi_ai a college student? well SHES GOT A COLLEGE FACEBOOK.
72) Does cactaurbeolouve know onus_caiais? more and more so.
73) Does silentseawar do drugs? i say no.
74) Which president would cactaurbeolouve be likely to idolize? ABRAHAM LINCOLN
75) Would umiyuko be a better ninja or pirate? pirate
76) What word best describes lucanani? fuu?
77) One thing you can't stand about kasumi_ai? SHES GOT THIS REALLY ANNOYING BROTHER.
78) If capnshap commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? giant bunnies and british people.
79) How many monkeys could cactaurbeolouve fight at once and win against? 16,777,216
80) What animal should kaylipso92 be combined with? bunny
81) Is lucanani an emo? HECK YEA.
82) Where was lolabunnie born? i dont want to assume..
83) Do you have a crush on kaylipso92? nope. i have *cant think* something else..on kaylipso92
84) If asklepiades had a superpower, what would it be? anyone?
85) What comic book character would cagedtiger_wdm be? I DONT KNOW COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS
86) If cherryslushies and cagedtiger_wdm were spliced together, what would be its name? oh, thats be awasome..oh.. oh.. oh thatd just be awesome..oh, oh..
87) Is kaylipso92 single? kaylipso92 is dual audio, multi sound channels, two-disc special
88) Where would kawaiikate101 most like to visit? id like to take her wherever it is
89) If shatteredhavoc were hanging off a cliff, what would dark_vinsanity do? laugh and call him a half-loser
90) What color should sarrah16 dye their hair? chartruse, was it?
91) Would you wrestle kasumi_ai in jello? uhhuh.
92) How long would i_am_h3ro dating lucanani last? it could, tho im not sure how much would happen.
93) If kasumi_ai took over the world, who would be happy? noone..she make sure of it, im sure.
94) What flavor of jello would troche_wiecej be? tee. its a changing flavor.
95) How long have you known troche_wiecej? forever, seeing where we met.
96) What rank would sarrah16 have in a giant robot army? 16
97) Where was lucanani born? serendipity.
98) What would sarrah16 do differently in your shoes? the things i fail at, possibly?..
99) Is asklepiades in a relationship? why yes, he is. consult his facebook for further information =)
100) Is senyen related to kaylipso92? they always were in my mind

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